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SimGlycan™ 是新穎的 MS/MS 數據分析工具。SimGlycan™可以預測聚醣結構,給予評分並且提供和您 MS 實驗結果最相符、最可能的聚醣表列清單,節省您的時間以及耗時費力的工作。

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SimGlycan™ 是新穎的 MS/MS 數據分析工具。SimGlycan™可以預測聚醣結構,給予評分並且提供和您 MS 實驗結果最相符、最可能的聚醣表列清單,節省您的時間以及耗時費力的工作。

Robust Glycan Database

The SimGlycan™ database is a large relational database populated with fragments of known glycan structures made up of 62 different monosaccharides. Every glycan in the database is fragmented for each of the possible fifty one reaction conditions using an intensive fragmentation algorithm. This ensures that the probable glycan fragments reported are comprehensive and accurate.

The SimGlycan™ database currently contains 8184 glycans, 5296 biological sources, 3774 glycan compositions, 5620 glycan classes, 204 biochemical reactions, 150 biochemical pathways, 184 glycan related enzymes and 8143 other database links. The database is continuously updated as information on additional glycans is published.

Generate Annotated Spectrum

SimGlycan™ highlights the experimental m/z values that match those of theoretical fragments and generates an annotated spectrum. You can generate customized annotated spectra based on the area of interest and export it for sharing the findings with your colleagues. The spectrum can be switched between Column and Scatter type plots. The simple interface enables you to zoom into specific plot locations, specify m/z range to display specific plot sections and also to export plots as image files.

Accurate Glycan Ranking

All possible glycan structures are ranked and scored based on our proprietary search and scoring mechanism. The ranking mechanism is based on calculating the glycan score which is a numerical representation of how closely the experimental properties (composition and branching pattern) of the glycan match the properties of the glycans in the database.